Natural Sciences – Off the Beaten Track

Have you ever seen the sun rising up from a pristine lake? Didn’t you felt mesmerized by it? Do you feel at peace when you look at the starry sky on a clear night? Do you ever wonder about the true nature of being? If yes, then you might find natural sciences an interesting subject.

Observation, Experience And Experiment

In the beginning it was known as the “Natural Philosophy.” Great men like Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Schelling and Zabarella attempted to study and lay down the laws of the universe. They weighed everything on the scale of reason. They challenged the age old beliefs and defied the institutions which were inclined on sticking to them. They observed everything around them and gave empirical conclusions regarding why those things happened. They were more of revolutionaries than scientists.

Later as the scientific method evolved, natural philosophy became natural science; which is now referred to as NatSci.

What Is It?

NatSci involves the study of the natural phenomenon by observing and understanding the laws of the nature. Leonardo, the famous naturalist, believed that you can understand everything by observing the nature at work. Unlike formal sciences, such as mathematics, NatSci deals only with measurable forces and phenomenon of nature. It is considered to be the base of formal sciences. It comprises of subjects such as biology, earth sciences, astronomy and physics.

It is not merely the synthetic study of nature, but an explanation of the interplay between nature and its beings.

Why Should You Study It?

The study of life sciences helps develop the ability of critical interpretation in you. You will learn to research and analyze facts and make interpretations based on it. You will be inclined towards a methodological approach for doing every work. It will teach you to think differently.

Higher Education

A large number of colleges offer courses in natural sciences. Usually, the degree courses are that of BSc (Bachelor of Sciences) and MSci (Master of Sciences). There are innumerable joint honor undergraduate courses offered by universities all over the world.

There are many people who are well-versed in science, but have not yet decided about entering any particular field. Applying for a NatSci course would seem like the best option for them. It is a very wide field in which you can specialize in any of particular area.

What Career Options Does It Have?

A student of NatSci is presented with many lucrative career options. Such people are required everywhere; from industry research to pharmaceutical sales. They are involved in the exciting and thrilling job of forest conservation. The US government offers a starting package of $100,000 to a natural sciences manager. Their job is to supervise research and development in various government organizations.

Around the world NatSci graduates are working to make your lives better. They are finding better anti-aging creams. They are studying geological developments at live volcanoes and are finding better ways to predict eruptions. They are working to provide you with cheap and eco-friendly energy resources.

Natural sciences have something for everyone. Whether you want an adventurous life or a calm and uneventful one; it offers you to come and seek your deepest passions. If you care to tread away from the beaten track and if you have a passion for nature; you will surely do well in the field of natural sciences.

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