Disease Research and the 21st Century Science-Art Renaissance

The premise of the Platonic ‘Science for moral finishes’, designed amid the third Century BC, was consecrated geometrical rationale. In the event that, as Plato expressed, ‘All is Geometry’, at that point its first standards, together with the antiquated utilization of plane geometry, administer the development of ‘All’. Winning science acknowledges that fractal geometrical rationale can stretch out to boundlessness, yet is in a condition of obsessive disavowal that human transformative awareness may grasp that interminable rationale. Human passionate working is known to express limitless fractal rationale.

In this article standard science is ended up being founded on a bogus supposition that is anticipating examination into the common procedure of human advancement. Thusly, it is untrustworthy for present science to keep on enabling itself to be represented by the rationale maintaining just confused law, which bars vast fractal rationale. Specifically, it is denounced for counteracting examination into first standards with respect to the investigation of malignant growth, as its present structure is totally cancer-causing in nature. This article claims against the condemning of mankind to elimination under the locale of the second law of thermodynamics. It does as such in light of the fact that the disclosure of data vitality’s snare with entropic law, completely discredits Chaos’ power to oversee science and human fate.

At the beginning of civilisation in Mesopotamia the Sumerians imagined a scientific framework that presently impacts 21st Century considering. For instance, a circle still contains 360 degrees and our wristwatches compute an hour to the hour. This antiquated seeding of thoughts for advanced science can be viewed as a major aspect of the human transformative procedure. Along these lines, it is urgent that we look at the essentialness of why two altogether different ideas emerged about the utilization of passionate, consecrated geometrical rationale, inside the advancement of Egyptian and Babylonian nuclear numerical frameworks. The destiny of civilisation currently rests in making that correlation a genuine restorative thought about first reason standards being expected to contemplate the idea of cancer-causing development.

Two conditions of geometrical rationale existed in old occasions. One was identified with plane geometry related with reviewing the limits of land and the other was about the religious structure of passionate reality. In Babylon the improvement of holy geometrical rationale was melded into the love of Ishtar, the ‘Goddess of Prostitution and War’. In 1957 the New York University Library of Science distributed a book entitled ‘Babylonian Myth and Modern Science’. The book expressed that Albert Einstein determined his hypothesis of relativity from Babylonian legendary numerical instinct. A definitive numerical condition for war, E=Mc2, can be considered to have its inceptions in Babylonian materialistic culture. Neo-Darwinian ideas contend that survival of the fittest, as the premise of advancement, is guaranteed through the savage desire of qualities to repeat themselves through reproduction. This is identified with the Babylonian warrior clique’s irreverent sexual outlook, flippant being characterized in restorative terms concerning a religion advancing the spread of syphilis and gonorrhea.

In 1881 the French traveler, Gaston Maspero, found the Egyptian Pyramid Texts, perhaps history’s most seasoned known religious compositions. They were about sacrosanct geometry related with the nuclear hypotheses of the fanciful God, Atum, who, from a dull pit of disarray pronounced “Let there be Light” bringing matter into reality. Atum, as indicated by later Platonic Greek rationale, was a portrayal of a geometrical procedure making matter from bedlam. The old Egyptians likewise built up their very own sacrosanct geometrical rationale so as to keep mankind from returning into that bedlam. That issue is currently made up for lost time in a decisive battle with twentieth Century science.

The old thinking concerning human survival is currently perceived to be as limitless fractal rationale, while winning quantum mechanics disallows it from being connected to the living procedure. 21st Century quantum science can show that the data energies, as articulations of unbounded fractal rationale, administer the development of cognizance by their entrapment with Chaos energies. The disavowal of this reality portrays the working of a cancer-causing attitude that won’t reevaluate its fixation that all life known to mankind must be at last crushed. Unbounded fractal geometrical rationale is scientifically acknowledged to stretch out to unendingness. Standard science stays unshakable, that in spite of the fact that the human digestion incorporates the working of unending rationale, people must end up wiped out, which is invalidated by late quantum natural revelations.

In the BBC TV narrative about the breakdown of the first Egyptian Kingdom, the Egyptologist, Fekri Hassan, clarifies that the humane nuclear scientific rationale maintaining the lessons of Ma-at, the Goddess of ‘Kindness, Compassion and Justice’, had made due into the second Egyptian Kingdom. Hassan noticed that it had been combined into Egyptian political law, utilized by later civilisations to build up enactment for social approaches with respect to such administrations as emergency clinics and care for the matured. first Kingdom artworks make it flawlessly certain that the nuclear arithmetic was straightforwardly connected with a type of a boundless living custom. Consequent current composed religions carry on a similar kind of interminable living idea, however with no endeavor at all, to connect it to unbounded fractal rationale arithmetic.

In the sixth Century BC the Greek geometer, Thales, who went to Egypt to think about moral political law, was trailed by Pythagoras in the fifth Century BC. Their thoughts were intertwined into the Platonic custom of Greek geometrical reasoning, so as to encourage the Egyptian vast moral perfect. Amid the third Century BC, this undertaking prompted the innovation of a passionate nuclear science in old Greece. Plato’s Academy in Athens showed its standards as the ‘Science for Ethical Ends’ and the Epicurean University, Ho Kepos, considered it the ‘Art of Universal Love’. The Harvard Smithsonian/NASA High Energy Astrophysics Division Library had distributed papers by the Science Advisor to the Belgrade Institute of Physics, Professor Petar Grujic, showing that the Greek Creation arithmetic was in certainty a type of interminable fractal rationale. This offers trustworthiness to the natural, scientific structure of the Egyptian hypotheses of a vast reason relating to the significance of the universe.

Amid the 21st Century the rationale base maintaining quantum mechanics totally crumbled. Einstein’s reality see, administered by the law of widespread bedlam, had mistakenly condemned all life known to mankind to termination. Right off the bat, it had been founded on the bogus supposition that Newton’s first standards causing gravity depended on mechanical rationale. In any case, Newton had plainly distributed in his ’28th Query Discussions’, that gravity was not brought about by mass. Newton was determined that first reason gravitational standards had a place with the Greek enthusiastic ‘Science for moral closures’ and were assuredly not founded on his other mechanical depiction of the universe by any stretch of the imagination.

Regardless of whether Newton was correct or wrong isn’t the point. That quantum mechanics was gotten from the presumption he had just a mechanical comprehension of the activities of the universe is, in Newton’s very own words, “faking speculations clarifying all things precisely”. Besides, Einstein had no clue that another type of vitality would be found from 21st Century quantum science malignancy look into. Data vitality snares with the warmth energies of mayhem to oversee the development of enthusiastic cognizance. Einstein’s virtuoso would now be able to be deified past the impediments of the disarray law he thought administered the majority of the sciences.

In 1979, after the exhortation of China’s driving physicist, Kun Huang, the old Greek hallowed geometrical rationale was utilized by Australian specialists to find new optics laws overseeing ideal organic seashell development and advancement through space-time. In 1990 the world’s biggest innovative research foundation, ‘IEEE in Washington’, republished their work as one of the significant revelations of the twentieth Century, close by such names as Louis Pasteur and Sir Francis Crick. In 1995 the ‘Organization for Basic Research’ in the USA propelled the investigation into the disclosure of new material science laws overseeing ideal natural development and improvement through space-time. As standard science can’t produce solid advanced life-structure recreations, the common world-see was uncovered to be founded on cancer-causing, realist rationale.

Standard quantum mechanics’ imperfect rationale base is cancer-causing since it is administered by a vitality law that sentences all life known to mankind to elimination. Einstein thought about that all widespread warmth should in the long run be lost into virus space, with it ending up so solidified that sub-atomic development supporting the living procedure couldn’t work. It is essential to underscore that he was unfit to appreciate that malignancy explore in the 21st Century would find that data vitality entrapped with the warmth vitality to advance general cognizance. This procedure was so clear to the 1937 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent-Gyorgyi, that he composed a book entitled ‘The Crazy Apes’, alluding to the cutting edge logical attitude. He additionally contended that the rejection of the vitality ensnarement process advanced a malignant growth development and improvement attitude.

The nineteenth Century mathematician, Georg Cantor, who’s work currently maintains the vast majority of the texture of present day science, understood that its logical mentality was possessed by a nearsighted dread of boundlessness. The term ‘obsessive’ being connected to this breakdown of the predominant logical outlook, is justified. In German writing the status of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ‘1749-1832’ is good to that of

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